LightTrac for Android Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

App of the Day: LightTrac

This iOS and Android app helps photographers find the magical "Golden Hour" for shooting photos or video in beautiful light.

LightTrac Walkthrough

Just showing some of the features of LightTrac app. This is for iPhone, iPad, and Android. This demo was on my iPad (recorded by a precariously balanced ...

iPad rakendus #1 -- LightTrac

LightTrac maksab iTunes poes 4.49€ ja Android Market`is 3,99€. Kui sa pildistad tihti õues, siis on see igat senti väärt. Ilusa foto samiseks on üks olulisemaid ...

Apps for Realtors: Light Trac

Looking to make photography tools easier to use? Here you go as The Rook presents you with an option. for more info, check out:

DSLR tutorial: Using LightTrac to determine sun or moon position |

LightTrac is an app you can use to get an overhead view of a location. In this tutorial, see how to use LightTrac to determine the sun or moon position so that you ...

iTurfapps SunSeeker App Review

This is a video review of the SunSeeker App by ozPDA reviewed by iturfapps.

Sunlight Tracker iPhone App Rocks for Photographers

Help us caption and translate this video on - Ladies and Gentlemen of the class of 2010.

Sun Surveyor (Sun & Moon) Android App

A short clip showing the Sun Trajectory feature of 'Sun Surveyor (Sun & Moon)' application for Android devices. Info regarding the position of the trajectory would ...

App of the Day: Cinemagram

Will and Norm show you how to make creepy animated GIFs with this free iOS app.

Sun Seeker App for Iphone

Check out my portfolio at: My review of the "Sun Seeker" app for the Iphone. Background music is provided courtesy of the creative ...

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